As upsetting as it sounds, mothers these days are categorized according to their career status. Working mom, full- time working mom, part time working mom, work from home mom, full- time work from home mom, part- time work from home mom and stay at home mom (SAHM).Seriously? I mean, what makes you think that a stay at home mother is not working? Or how are all the above categories even comparable? What is full time and part time working? In case you do not know- A MOTHER IS WORKING ALL THE TIME. 24*7 365 DAYS A YEAR. NO HOLIDAYS NO WEEKENDS.

Anyways according to the classification, I have been a part time working mom and now a SAHM. If you ask me personally there is a lot of difference between the two. And no, it is not considering the office work load, targets, deadlines or the work pressure at home. I am referring to the challenges faced from the society‚Äôs point of view. Its strange right? A mother does whatever works best for herself and her family, and yet we have people (sometimes our loved ones too) judging us at every step and every decision we take.

Read my detailed post here on what it is like to be a SAHM. And no this not about all the jobs that we do, but more about the challenges that we face in our daily lives.

Also, read tips at the end to mae all of this a lot easier.

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