This often happens, you know. When someone we love is around, we don’t tell them how we really feel about them. We’re don’t appreciate them. And when they are gone, we wish we had. We all do it, so don’t feel bad if you do too. It’s just part of who we are. We’re humans.

This book is about Kabir. Kabir doesn’t fit in. Not in the classroom, on the playing field nor in his own family. Why is it always you? Why can’t you be more quiet? Disciplined? Normal? Studious? Why can’t you be more like Kavni? Or better. Why can’t you be less like you? This was all that kabir got to hear.

But kabir was special, one of a kind, in his own world, loveable and caring. He was unlike the others, unlike the usual us. No one saw nor appreciated the real him. All they wanted was for him to be their version of a good boy. This book brings us face to face with a stark reality of our world.

This book brings us face to face with the stark reality of todays world. We expect so much from our children that unknowingly we snatch their childhood from them. And for what? To be better adults! We judge them on their Mark’s, which we forget is just a part of their lives and not a deciding factor. We often forget to see the good in them and concentrate only on the bad. Do this, dont do that is all that we say.

We need to learn to appreciate every child for his uniqueness, his originality and look out for the good in him. We need to stop comparing and judging. And just let them be.
Do give this book a read. Because words are not doing enough justice to my feelings.
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