SHRILOK HOMELESS- the ultimate adventures vol.2

This book revolves around Shrilok, a teenager with an inquisitive mind. This curious nature of his leads him to solve various mysteries, starting from simple robberies in his basti to exam paper scams.

Eventually they become famous and even get to travel to various cities and even abroad for cases. Shrilok is blessed with a power to be able to see what others cannot which takes him to London for his biggest case ever.

From robbery cases in Mumbai, to poachers in Karnataka and museum robbers in Delhi, he nabs them all. This time the cases are twice as challenging and the dangers are doubled too. Murder mysteries, secret codes, dangerous villains and old enemies- Shrilok can face them all as long as he has his best friend Rohan Doctor, by his side, and mind you he is only in class 7.

Get ready for a nail biting and engaging experience with this book. Do give it a read to know more.

Gayatri deshmukh

Be happy..Be you..!!! I live by this quote. My blog is my space. It is a reflection of my thoughts and what I believe in. So keep reading to know whats on my mind. Love, Motherlymess!!!!


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