By- Lubaina Bandukwala Vineeta Kanoria
Maths stories to solve

Getting the kids to study is a task at times. We all know that kids have a lesser attention span. I myself do not advocate studying for long hours. We have our half yearly exams coming up and this book came at the exact time.
So basically this book has mathematics aims weaved into stories to make it more interesting for the children. It is similar to word problems but even better. From simple.single digit additions and subtractions to double digit ones, the book has then all. Also the complexity of the sums increases with every story. FROM EASY-PEASY TO MOSTLY EASY TO NOT SO EASY!! So, to begin with they have simple single digit additions, then subtractions, multiplication and divisions as well. Moving forward we have double digit sums and towards the end they have all the operations to be done in a single story. This book also test the retention capability of the children as they have to remember the numbers and operations to be done till the end of the story. Also a great help is the fact that the examples used are of everyday things like fruits, crayons, flowers, garlands and even school houses. So children can relate to them better.
This book is turning out to be a great help.with our maths studies. We hop over to it whenever we are bored of doing our textbook ones. Sometimes I just change the numbers and at times I try to make new stories to keep her interested.

This book is suitable for kids 5 years and above.
Thank you @reader_viddh and @penguinindia for this read.

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