Shrilok, one man many roles. A school going kid who thinks he knows better than his teachers and so doesnt attend school at all. A chaiwala by the day and a detective by the night (actually not just at night, whenever investigating calls for). A master of disguises, deduction and drama. Oh and let’s not forget his partner in crime, Rohan Doctor (not a real doctor, but a class 7 student. Doctor is his surname, well his parents are doctors though). Be it a missing business man, a severed hand in a lunchbox, the missing rose diamond, ATM robberies, bollywood scandals, the vanishing dogs and many more. The duo is helping the police solve it all. No case is difficult or unsolvable for our desi sherlock (see they have similar names too). Shrilok is blessed with strong intuitions and the power to deduct them too. Always a step ahead of everyone, even the police.
Action packed, engaging, interesting And unputdownable. His adventures will have your nerves racing till the last page.

Go grab your copies now to know how he solved the most difficult case of his life and saved Mumbai from Masterji (the mastermind himself).

Oh and in case you are wondering why the chai cup in the picture??? As Shrilok says, ‘Remember, it’s the cases that seem worthless that are like masala chai for the mind. Keep your eyes and ears open. ‘

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