If you have kid/kids you know what I mean when I say it’s very difficult to arrange and manage their toys. The toy pile is like an endless thing. How many toys are too many??? We as parents want to provide our children with everything they want. And I feel too many toys tops the list. I mean seriously we never stop.

Shifting & packing:

From my two recent shifts (one change of city and second within city) I have come to the conclusion that it is just a pile of plastic junk and this pile keeps on increasing. Not only that, but i have even noticed that we do save and carry along lot many toys only because it was our child’s favourite at a younger age. Everytime I took up the task of cleaning and arranging the toys, I was out of space and out of ideas to arrange them. One day I read a quote on Google saying “too many toys = less play.”
And Finally I decided that this had to stop and I needed to get rid of the unwanted toys.

Lets declutter:

  1. To start with separate the toys into various categories. Blocks, Lego, cars, pretend play, board games etc.
  2. Then chuck out the toys your kids do not play with anymore or those that you are clinging on to for no reason at all.
  3. Also, chuck out the toys that your kids have out grown.
  4. Finally you will have lesser number of toys to arrange.
  5. Also it is good if you arrange the toys category wise and where they can be seen. Like I have all the toy cars in one bin, all animal figures in one, construction toys (blocks/lego/interlinks/connecting pipes etc) into one shelf, puzzle in to one section, and I have a separate cupboard for books and educational games.
  6. It is also a good idea to rotate the toys every few days. I mostly clean up and rearrange the toys every sunday and that’s when I rotate them too.
  7. Having lesser toys= all can be seen= kid knows what he wants to play with.

What do you think about this? How often do you declutter?

Now lets talk more about how to arrange all these toys, or rather how I arrange my kids toys. I believe toys should be arranged such that they are easily seen and accessible for the child. Now, having two kids and one being almost 8 years old (That makes me feel old!!) I have to cater to toys from two different age groups. So keeping all this in mind, this is how I have arranged their toys and it has been working our so far.

The toy arrangement:

  1. The first rack has mostly free play. Construction toys, picture and board books, a couple of battery operated toys, basic level puzzles, reusable colouring books and chalk books, lacing toys and pairing toys. So, basically all that Anay likes to play with.
  2. The plastic drum has all the bigger cars, trucks, casio etc that do not fit into the rack or the cupboard. The laundry basket has all stuffed toys (these are the only ones I have kept the rest have been donated as both my kids do not like these much).
  3. The three bins you see have smaller vehicles in one, animal figures in another and random toys in the 3rd. Plus they also have their jenga, bowling set and doll house here. I have utilized this big shelf in their wardrobe as it was not needed for clothes.
    All the above three arrangements are in their bedroom. They are allowed to make any sort of mess here, but not in the other rooms, especially the living room which is no toy zone.
  4. I have stacked all the board games here. Basically these are games which have pieces and parts that are needed for playing and so have kept them in a cupboard out of Anay’s reach (well at least until he masters the art of opening cupboards).
  5. This is the book shelf. The books have been arranged according to their size and binding. Though it has all of Saanvis book but it is still accessible for Anay as I am trying to get him in the habit of reading. And the rack is placed next to the study table in the study room.

So, you see nothing fancy. Just basic multipurpose racks and bins. The main idea here is to have separate storage space for each category of toys so that its easy for the kids to find and play with them and also easy for you to keep it back in place.

Do share your ideas and ways to declutter and how do you guys arrange their toys. Would love to know some new ideas.