It’s just 20 days to 2020. It just makes me realize how swiftly 2019 went by. I am sure it was 30th june just yesterday. I mean it feels as though the 2019 cassette was fast forwarded to today. What do you think? Well, we say this every year. “Didnt realize where this year went by” is something we hear every year in the month of december.

I am sure all of us have their ‘resolutions for 2020’ list ready by now. Right? I mean we have bee making resolutions ever since we were kids. No?! Dimple’s post here 👉 will surely remind us all of our resolutions through various phases of our lives.

When I personally reflect back on the year 2019, I feel all I did was go through each day of the year and not live it. Our lives run by the clock, and this hinders us from enjoying it all. I mean atleast that’s what I feel.

As I said all of our lists must be ready, mine is too. But mine is a little different. My list is about what I wont be doing in 2020, rather than what i would. Surprised? Come on let’s see why.

  1. The first on my list is, not to be focussing on others. Yes, the whole of this year went by focussing on what others want, their needs, feelings and much more. It’s time I decided to focus on myself. My needs, my feelings, and just me. I need to remind myself everyday that I AM WORTHY, I MATTER AND I AM BEAUTIFUL.
  2. Not to focus on just outer beauty but also my inner beauty. Yes, I have been on the fitness and weight loss journey for quite some time now. And I have been so obsessed with that, that I forgot that I needed to be happy too. The kilos and inches were all over my mind. So much so that I forgot about my smiles. So, 2020 is going to be more about being happy, smiling more and inner beauty. Of course that doesnt mean I am giving up on my weight loss. Infact I recently enrolled for a new plan.
  3. Not being on phone all the time is next on the list. Being a blogger and instagram influencer makes this difficult. As the phone and laptop becomes your work place. But as you leave your work place at 5 or maybe 6 PM, so will I. My blogging time will be fixed. All of this so that I get some time to do things I love, read, paint and dance.
  4. Not to focus on the bigger goals. And focus more on the smaller goals and the smaller Joy’s of life. In this fast paced life, running to chase the bigger goals of our life, we almost always forget to concentrate on the smaller wins and thus the smaller Joy’s. Whether it is your excelling on an exam, or you playing your first piano piece perfectly or even you being able to skip 100 times. No matter how small, every joy brings happiness and I will be enjoying each one of that. And I will be patting my back for each one of it.
  5. Not to clutter myself. And by this I mean my house and my life. Decluttering might be easy, but not cluttering in the first place isnt. It is very difficult. Throwing away negativity and negative things is easy, but not letting them get to you and affect you isnt. Similarly, getting rid of unwanted things is easy, but not collecting them isnt. It is about controlling yourself during sales, and more importantly deciding on the needs and wants. This is not going to be easy but I am going to do it.

Well, there are many more not to do’s that I will be following, but these 5 top my list. Cause these are what will make my life happy and make me feel content.