Daily household work (especially kitchen work) often leaves our hands dry and rough. In severe cases we might even see cracks and rashes. All of this is because the skin loses it’s natural oils and thus moisturization. Just like we never forget to moisturize our face post cleansing and toning, we shouldn’t forget moisturizing our hands as well.

In addition to the household work, pollution, seasonal changes and hard water can also lead to the above. I have myself been dealing with cuticle peeling especially in winters. And to add to all of this the present scenario of sanitizing and washing our hands frequently makes it even worse. Though I always make it a point to use my body lotion for my hands as well, but I had never used a hand cream. And so, when my favourite skincare brand mamaearth launched this particular product, I had to give it a try.

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As the name suggests the ingredients for this hand cream include Turmeric, Honey, Shea butter and Glycerin. All of which are excellent moisturizers. Turmeric as we all know reduces the signs of aging. Honey, the best antioxidant soothes the dry skin and provides nourishment from within. Shea butter has antimicrobial and healing effects which helps in softening the skin and lastly the glycerin helps with the hydration.

I have been using this cream on and off (yes, still forget to apply it on some days 🙈) for over 45 days now and I must tell you my cuticles are so much more better now. The dryness and painful peeling has reduced and even the lateral nail folds are much more softer. Overall the skin over my hands looks moisturized and not dry (especially the area over the knuckles and finger joints). It will definitely take more time to heal completely, but the results so far have been very satisfying.

I would totally recommend this product to everyone. Especially those staying in cold places.

Do you use a hand cream? Or are you someone like me? Lemme know in the comments below