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Ways to declutter & arrange your kids toys..

If you have kid/kids you know what I mean when I say it’s very difficult to arrange and manage their toys. The toy pile is like an endless thing. How many toys are too many??? We as parents want to provide our children with everything they want. And I feel too many toys…

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Kids helping with household chores..

Every household has this discussion of whether and when to involve the kids with the household chores. A coin has both sides. There are people who feel it is best to start and teach them young and there are people who believe in letting them enjoy their childhood till it lasts. I, happen…

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Engaging activities for kids that enhance their developmental skills

Children are the most curious beings. They are constantly asking questions and love to explore the world around them. Sometimes we parents actually need to refer to books and the internet to come up with an answer. Like for example, on our recent trip to Goa, my 7-year-old asked me as to how are…

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