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The adventures of Shrilok Homeless- PIKA NANI

Shrilok, one man many roles. A school going kid who thinks he knows better than his teachers and so doesnt attend school at all. A chaiwala by the day and a detective by the night (actually not just at night, whenever investigating calls for). A master of disguises, deduction and drama. Oh and…

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SHRILOK HOMELESS- the ultimate adventures vol.2

This book revolves around Shrilok, a teenager with an inquisitive mind. This curious nature of his leads him to solve various mysteries, starting from simple robberies in his basti to exam paper scams. Eventually they become famous and even get to travel to various cities and even abroad for cases. Shrilok is blessed…

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This often happens, you know. When someone we love is around, we don’t tell them how we really feel about them. We’re don’t appreciate them. And when they are gone, we wish we had. We all do it, so don’t feel bad if you do too. It’s just part of who we are….

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