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The three magical words..

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach them about good manners, so as to make them respectful individuals. Today’s post is about the three 3 magic words that we need to teach our kids so as to raise helpful and grateful individuals. We as parents do everything in our power to fulfill…

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Importance of routine in a child’s life

A set routine creates a secure, predictable environment for the child, with no fear of the unknown. It helps set our body clock and helps in the long run by making a child independent, disciplined and better at time management. Overall it leads to a happy and calm household and a happy child.

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Engaging activities for kids that enhance their developmental skills

Children are the most curious beings. They are constantly asking questions and love to explore the world around them. Sometimes we parents actually need to refer to books and the internet to come up with an answer. Like for example, on our recent trip to Goa, my 7-year-old asked me as to how are…

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